The Dreams We Have As Children

I have a job. It pays well, allows me to own my own home and live comfortably month to month. A lot of people can’t say that at my age and I’m grateful for the chances I’ve been given but I want more.

I want more because I feel like this isn’t it for me. I want more because I feel like I have more to give. I want more because I can’t accept this is my life for the next 40 years.

I’ve always wanted to own my own business. From an early age I dreamed of owning a high end nightclub. Not some grubby dive for students but a really classy establishment that’s frequented by the rich and famous. I had an image in my head of the 1950’s where everyone would be well dressed drinking champagne and whiskey having a good time with a lone singer on stage. That was the dream.

But with everything you need money to make money and a classy establishment like that would cost a fair few dollars.

So I’ve tried to do something about it. I designed an online game and hired a coder to programme it for me. It failed. I started my own online e-commerce store to try and grow some sort of passive income. It failed. I tried to manufacture products in China and sell them on Amazon. It failed. I tried a second time to launch an e-commerce store with a new product. It failed.

All those failures didn’t stop me and so far, to date, my biggest success came from promoting a clothing line through social media and earning commission from the sales. I managed to direct over 1,000 people to the website and made a massive $2 in commission off just one sale.

Most people would stop here. I’ve spent a few hundred dollars trying these different projects and now I’m in the red but I’d rather spend money on trying to make money than spend it on useless stuff. It’s the drive that keeps me going, the dream that one day I will find something that works.

My nightclub dream is a long way off but I’d rather try and fail than just accept my life for what it is.

Born Average


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