The Attraction Distraction

So I’m sat here in one of the countless Starbucks dotted around my city, which is somewhat of a rare event for myself. I picked something random off the menu with a name I could barely pronounce and now I’m sat comfortably watching the world go by.

As a single guy it’s common to constantly scan your environment for your next potential mate. I personally find myself always on the lookout for “her”.

After spending the last ten minutes watching countless potential matches walk by I’ve come to realise there aren’t many people I’m attracted to. Which makes me question whether the reason I’m still single is not because I haven’t found her but because my standards are too high and what I want doesn’t exist.

Now I don’t think there’s a problem with having standards but when you’ve been out in the city for most of the day and you’ve only seen one person you find attractive you have to start to question your own ideals.

The constant battle that I find myself having is if I lower my standards to find someone more my equal am I settling or being realistic?

I want someone that I’m attracted to and who makes my heart beat faster when I see them. If I don’t have that then arent just wasting their time?

Finding someone is turning out to be one of the most difficult challenges of my life. Are my own ideals preventing me from being happy or is it just a case of our paths haven’t crossed yet?

Born Average


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